Due to the current restrictions we are looking for other ways for our clients to connect to their audience / fund raise or for venues to re open as socially distanced performance spaces,  which is why we have teamed up with a partner company to develop a live video platform for your unique requirements.

We can arrange multi camera set ups relayed to a broadcast van pictured above which can be located outside the venue which can relay the performance to a streaming platform where your audience can pay to watch or watch for free the choice is yours.

The platform has been designed and adapted for the Live Entertainment Industry - Great for Conferences ,Theatres , Concerts , House of Worship.

Use examples:

Gospel Service - Live Stream to Congregation from venue of choice or we can arrange a suitable space for you , we can provide full lighting and sound production with audio visual elements just as a normal production with a multi camera set up to stream and record the service , we can also offer a multitrack recording which can be mixed down by us to provide a high quality audio recording of the service.

We can offer video post production services if required to produce a professional DVD or for internet based viewing.

Conference - Use your standard conference venue with audio visual elements as a backdrop and run the conference as normal in a virtual environment with the presentation program relayed to your chosen audience .

Fund Raising Events - Use your chosen venue to host for example a evening with type event and have it relayed to a invited audience who pay to view the event.

Concerts - Choose a venue of your choice or we can arrange a non venue space , we provide stage monitoring / IEM monitoring systems - provide a complete sound and lighting production set up and the facility to record the concert in a multitrack format and relay the concert for pay for view or for promotional reasons.
The event would be recorded for future broadcast and post production can take place to produce a DVD or for internet based viewing.

This is just a few examples as this could be used for sporting events - seasonal events - ceremonial events  - network events - award ceremonies.

It's going to be a virtual world for some time to come - don't cancel your event hold a virtual event with us.

Please feel free to contact for more informationExternal link opens in new tab or window info@choiceproductions.co.uk